The Salvation of the Lord has come: Luke 2:11

Luke 2_11

In this season of Christmas, we celebrate and reflect on the Birth of our Saviour Jesus Christ. We glorify and give Thanks to God because He saw fit to alter our destinies from that of everlasting shame and contempt to eternal life, glory, and Salvation by sending a Savior.

Jesus is our Salvation! So, in this season of Christmas, we rejoice in the Salvation that we have received from God (we rejoice in the birth of Christ) and dwell on all that Salvation is (all that the gift of Christ has accomplished in and for us).

Rejoice in the Joy of Salvation!

Also, considering the fact that Jesus has already been born and finished his work, and Salvation has been made available to all –
Titus 2:11 KJV
For the grace of God that brings salvation has appeared to all men);
Salvation is something that can be celebrated everyday and is not restricted to the appointed day/week/period of time in December that is called Christmas (Luke 2:10-11).

Merry Christmas!


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