Heart Check – Godly Character

If you claim to be living for God, do not expect to have your motivations going on untested. What is in you, eventually, comes out of you – be encouraged and continue to set your heart before the Lord, in faith, for His work to be performed and completed in you {James 1:3the trying of your faith works patience}.

There is nothing wrong with a heart check in the presence of God, it reminds us of who it is we are actually living for and that our life is not our own. It also allows any wayward motives or attitudes to be corrected and brought into agreement with God’s will.
James 1:21,25

II Peter 1:10-11Give diligence to make your calling and election sure: for if you do these things, you shall never fall: {God will minister the way as you diligently set your heart to trust His Word and Spirit}

*Romans 5:1-5 – Our motives and decisions are based on a genuine trust in God (through Christ), by which, we are justified and declared righteous. (Memorize v.1-5)

Trust God and His Word and Spirit.


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