by: Daniel Braxton

Published By: READY® Truth Ministries

ISBN: 979-8-218-06090-9


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While society often gives the idea of an individual’s “identity” being related to where they are from, how they look, what they do, who they associate with, etc.; true “identity” is found in the heart of a person.

The character as to “who a person is” has more relevance in their identification than any of the generalizations that commonly exist in society. There is more to what identifies a person than just the natural qualities of their life and the world around them; however, some people are not aware.

Everywhere, there are individuals asking themselves the question, “who am I?” – and while some are able to find out who they are and go on to live meaningful and fulfilling lives in their identity, others face hardship. It’s so important to know who you are, and to be confident in your identity! The first step in identifying ourselves in the right way is realizing that, as human beings, we were created to “Identify” with God.

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